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Broad-minded Recordings is an independent record label that focuses on a selective and wide range of electronic and alternative music artists. We are very much an open-minded label that will offer the music listener something different, fresh and interesting.

We support artists from all backgrounds, skills and abilities. For us it’s not about how well something is made, it’s about the expression and inspiration it transpires that’s important. If it resonates that’s all that matters!  We also believe in making the world a better place and we will also donate 10% of our profits (5% Artist/5% label) from each release to charity which will be of the artists choice.

In the future we also want the label to give artists opportunities to release music whom may not get the same chances as others. This maybe as a result of a disability, a learning difficulty, lack of accessibility/money and other barriers or disadvantages. The label will be looking for links with appropriate and discerning organisations or groups with the same philosophy and ethos in order to make this happen

First of all we are going to start off small with a few artists and organically build the label over the coming months and year. I hope you enjoy the labels journey as we progress with this new venture…

Express – Develop – Inspire